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We are taking Mitoshi to the forefront of lottery by leveraging on the power of smart contracts on a blockchain platform. By making use of smart contracts, we will build the future of online lottery that is globally accessible in a fair, transparent and secure environment. So you can have the confidence to bet on a winnable draw without compromise.

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Sales Status: 90 MTSH

About Mitoshi CryptoLotto

Our vision

Mitoshi is the next generation of online gaming and cryptolotteries powered by the blockchain. Our vision is to bring forth a completely fair, secure and transparent cryptolottery experience that is readily accessible to the global market. Envisioned as a truly international cryptolottery play – it will offer draws that cover the geographies of Asia, North America and Europe. Mitoshi crypolotto tokens can be purchased using fiat and crypto currencies.

A lottery built on smart contracts

Mitoshi will utilize the blockchain platform and with Ethereum smart contracts for collecting, distributing funds as well as in paying lottery sales commissions through our referral program. With smart contracts, neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets could be counterfeited. Mitoshi Cryptolotto will a decentralized community owned by the internet community – thanks to the power of the blockchain.

Global draws

Mitoshi will have a widespread lineup of lottery draws. Each draw contains massive payouts for its winners. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will have a global reach, allowing anybody from around the globe to participate by the tap of a finger.

Mitoshi Token Sale

Mitoshi tokens are utility (user) tokens and the sales of its tokens are for the future participation of Mitoshi’s lottery draws in a smart contract platform.

Token Symbol MTSH
Token Sale Start 27 January 2019
Token Sale End 25 August 2019
Total Amount of Tokens 1,000,000,000
Total Amount to be Sold 680,000,000 or 68% of Total Issuance
Total Private Sale US$20,000,000.00
Total Pre Sale US$20,000,000.00
Token Main Sale US$60,000,000.00
Soft Cap US$10,000,000.00
Hard Cap US$100,000,000.00
Accepted Crypto & Fiat Currencies ETH, BTC & USD
Minimum Purchase Limit TBA

Token Allocation

  • 68% Token Sale
  • 15% Team
  • 10% Advisors and Partners
  • 7% Bounties and Airdrops

Proceed Allocation

  • 50% Set-Up of Winnings & Reserve Fund
  • 20% Technical Development
  • 15% Promotions and Marketing
  • 10% Sales Comission
  • 5% Admin and Global Operations

on the Global
Lotto Industry

Issues and challenges in industry have not only hurt the industry, but have also hindered its growth. We look at the more pressing reasons why today’s traditional lotteries need to evolve.

  • Lack Fairness Transparency

    Lack Of Fairness And Transparency

    A recent study went into how exactly a lottery can be rigged, tampered and cheated – arising questions such us the validity and “realness” of the winning ticket; fair allocation of ticket proceeds to the prize pool; is the winning number drawn in a random and secure manner; and does someone really win it and not just go to a handful operators. A lottery based on smart contracts should address each and one of these concerns.

  • Lack of Innovation

    Lack of Innovation

    Traditional Lotteries have not shown any innovation and don’t have much room for variety in game development. Mitoshi cryptolotto will offer fresh and winnable draws without compromising on fairness and on its entertainment value.

  • Regulatory Setbacks

    Regulatory Setbacks

    Traditional lotteries today are hindered with regulations – from territorial limits that prevent audiences from other countries in participating into the big jackpot draws to taxes and extra charges. Centralized or monopolized operators bring about regulations, to include even state controlled ones. These regulations hurt the prize money that should be going to the players.

  • Long Payouts

    Long Payouts

    Spanning anywhere from weeks to months after the results, traditional lotteries have been notorious to distributing prize winnings extremely late with a lot of verification checks in the identity and the ticket. This is a major inconvenience to the players, and a practice that shouldn’t be tolerated.

  • Stunted Growth

    Stunted Growth

    Expanding markets is a formidable challenge in the industry because of the difficulty in attracting new players or retaining existing ones, which not only makes it likely to be reliant on addiction. This makes it somewhat reprehensible, but this also makes it more difficult to pursue and implement new sales channels.

Our Solution

Integrating smart contracts on a blockchain platform

Blockchain technology presents several advantages to the lottery industry, making its integration not only immensely beneficial but poses it as a crucial step to further expand the industry. Integrating blockchain technology decentralizes the chances, making the lottery more transparent and more accessible. By making use of Ethereum contracts, Mitoshi will build a lottery that is fair, transparent and secure – and globally accessible to those with an internet and a smartphone.

Furthermore, decentralized technology is a way to work around regulatory policies that inhibit the growth of the lotto industry while making its market much more expandable and involved. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will then be accessible anytime, anywhere with the ease of transaction provided through cryptocurrency via blockchain technology.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto Features
How it works

How it works

  • Mitoshi mobile application

    The Mitoshi mobile application will be designed to access the mitoshi platform. This app will hold all capabilities to join each draw as well as navigate through other gaming opportunities provided by the Mitoshi platform. The application can be accessed through both IOS and android.

  • Payout methods

    Those who want to purchase these lotto tickets can either go to our website or download the app. They can register and an e-wallet will be assigned to them. They either deposit cash or transfer their bitcoin or ethereum assets into the e- wallets. And can purchase Mitoshi play tokens after these assets are credited. Mitoshi lottery can only be purchased through Mitoshi tokens and will be priced at 1 Mitoshi coin per ticket.

  • Airdrops, rewards and bounty

    Mitoshi will allocate millions of free tokens for airdrops, rewards and bounty. Find out more on how you can qualify to own Mitoshi tokens absolutely free. So you can start winning.

Rewards & Bounty Terms & Conditions


  • April to June 2018

    • Research
    • Business case formation
  • July to September 2018

    • Team formation
    • Preparation of sale
  • October 2018 to January 2019

    • Private sale
  • February 2019

    • Presale (30% Bonus)
    • Start of Games Development
  • March 2019

    • Presale (25% Bonus)
  • April 2019

    • Presale (20% Bonus)
  • May 2019

    • Presale (15% Bonus)
  • June 2019

    • Presale (10% Bonus)
  • July 2019

    • Presale (5% Bonus)
    • Launch of website
    • Launch of 4 Lottery Draws
  • August 2019

    • CrowdSale Period (No Bonus)
  • September 2019

    • Exchange Listing
    • Mobile App Release of Games [Android]
    • Launch of 3 More Lottery Draws

Mitoshi ICO Team Members

Executive & Management Team

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    TC Picardo

    CEO & Founder

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Norman Velasco

    COO & Co-Founder

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Robert Natthavong Jumchai

    Chief Business Development Officer

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Charles Greenwood

    Business Development, UK & Europe

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Jocelyn Peralta

    Finance & Accounting

Development Team

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Sergey Provalinski

    Front-end Developer

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Alexander Podrezov

    Back-end Developer

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Kalinouski Konstantin

    Protocol Architect

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Julia Drobnitsa

    UX / IU Designer

PR & Marketing Team

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Jerick Alcancia

    Motion Graphic Artist

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Rowena Ma. Clara Cos


Community, Social Media and Bounty Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Kashif Syed

    Social Media Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Raizalyn Razo

    Community Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Celeste Paras

    Community Management (English)

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Chen Chee Fah

    Community Management (Mandarin)

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Awele Kimberly Ajiduah

    Content Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Hazel Olivar

    Community Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Philip Smart Kolawole

    Community Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Kris Manalo

    Community Management

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Geneva Padua

    Community Management


  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Nikita Melnikov

    Blockchain & Smart Contract Advisor

  • Member of Mithoshi Team

    Kim Zafra

    Technical Game Advisor / Game Mathematecian


  • Member of Mithoshi Team


    Technical Partners

  • Member of Mithoshi Team


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